Splash Some Manners In Your Mimosa By Avoiding These Brunch Behaviors


You're blessed with a prime location in the United States. Hurricanes notwithstanding, southern Florida is beautiful. You could be blindfolded and still stumble into some of the best brunch spots in Miami, just follow your nose.

Coral Gables, with a total population of about 46,780, is located just south of Miami, and you better believe that more than a few from that number have brunched less than gracefully. You should already know the basics of dining in public, but there are so many people who treat restaurants as their dining rooms and the wait staff as the help.

As much as we're here to serve you and provide a fabulous brunch experience, there are some dos and don'ts that every courteous bruncher should take to heart. We're here to talk about the don'ts. Please, take a seat.

Be reservation conscious

It doesn't matter if you're going to breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, or any other event for which you make a reservation; be on time. We know that life and timing can be fickle, but that's why we have mobile phones. If you're going to be running late, call the restaurant and inform them. If your party has picked up more people or lost a few, call the restaurant. If we know something has changed, it can usually be accommodated. Never just abandon a reservation without a call.

Simple courtesies to your server

The best brunch spots in Miami are always busy. They're high volume restaurants with the wait staff hustling and bustling around, making everyone's experience as excellent as possible. You can help make your own experience better by being a courteous human being. Splitting a check between 12 people? Tell the server at the beginning instead of the end. Need a refill on something? Be patient when it's busy. There are hundreds of variables you're unaware of in brunch service. Remember that and don't snap your fingers at anyone.

Others are waiting

This is a big one. The best brunch spots in Miami are very tempting places to remain seated for hours on end, merrily sipping mimosas. You can't beat the atmosphere of the most popular outdoor restaurants Miami has to offer. That said, brunch is a busy time and people are waiting for a seat. This doesn't mean you should rush. By all means, relax and enjoy your meal, but be conscious of parties waiting to be seated and depart after a reasonable amount of time.

Brunch etiquette is fairly simple. It's mostly being aware of your surroundings and treating a restaurant and its staff with respect. Now you're ready. Go forth and mimosa. Enjoy.

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