Five Dishes You’ll Find in the Best Latin Restaurants in Miami


Imagine you are traveling, say, in Miami. Naturally, one thing you would probably want to do would be to try some of the best specialty food establishments in that area, which would probably lead you to look for the best Latin restaurants in Miami. You would have a lot of choices! In fact, one of the most popular cuisines in the U.S. is actually Mexican food, which is sold in one out of every ten restaurants in the country. Here are five very popular dishes from Latin American cuisine which you would likely find in the best Latin restaurants in Miami.

1. Arepa

From Colombia and Brazil, this corn flour dough is light, fluffy, and delectable! Presented in the shape of a saucer, it is often filled with beans, avocado, cheese, or meat. So divine, no wonder the Brazilians and Colombians eat it daily!

2. Anticuchos

Native to Peru, anticuchos are available also in Bolivia and Chile. These skewered beef hearts are marinated and cut into small cubes. Seared over the grill, they are considered a delicacy. Anticuchos can also be made of chicken, prawns, lamb, fish, or regular beef.

3. Patacones

Who can resist a plate full of patacones hot off the skillet? These Colombian plantain chips taste fabulous on their own as a side dish, or they can be enjoyed as a breakfast specialty combined with eggs, tomatoes, and onions.

4. Alfajores

This soft crumbly cookie from Argentina filled with a thick layer of caramel is yet another reason to love this gorgeous country. Yes, of course, it can be considered a pastry, but why stop there? Argentinians enjoy alfajores for breakfast with their coffee or tea, after dinner, or as a snack any time during the day. Most alfajores are rolled in coconut or covered in chocolate (dark or milk), which takes the entire experience into a realm that is totally divine.

5. Tamales

The dough used to make tamales is made of masa, or cornmeal. Tamales are a highly popular Latin dish, favored all over South America and Central America. Of course, the fillings and even the shapes of the tamales vary according to the region, as well as the country. But in general, tamales are filled with beef, chicken or pork. Then they are wrapped in a banana leaf corn husk, and baked or very gently steamed.

So, while you are certain to have your choice of the top Latin restaurants in Miami, or wherever you decide to travel, it’s always good to have an inkling of the dishes you will be trying. If you can find these five specialties in the best Latin restaurants in Miami, for example, just imagine all the other fabulous and delicious examples of the best Latin American cuisine you will be able to discover, too!

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